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Cookies policy Healthnovum

  1. Cookies policy of Healthnovum
    Through this site, we do not collect any names or other details/data that have something to say/do about your identity and are traceable to individual persons. Though, statistic details/data are being collected, to use this information to make changes to the website in order to meet to the wishes and expectations of the users. This means that you can visit this website anonymously. When visiting this website and accepting the ‘cookie’, the system automatically places a cookie onto your device.
  2. What are cookies?
    A cookie is a file consisting of a random letter and number combination. There are no personal data in a cookie and it is not used for any commercial purposes.

Concerning the handling of the personal data, the only information used is the information you entered into the website. For example, a filled out or submitted form on and/or its subsidiaries. This information will not be distributed to any third party. They won’t be used for other purposes than mentioned.

  1. Cookies from third parties
    On our website(s) cookies will be placed from systems that are involved in creating our website. This to set up the website as clear and appealing as possible for you as user. In this way you can easily find the information that you are looking for. In this case as well, the cookies will only be placed with your permission. The systems used by us will be further explained below. The privacy and cookie policy of the concerning system is applicable to use of these cookies.
  2. If you do not want any cookies you can block them!
    You can block cookies yourself, by indicating this in the settings of your browser.

You can decide yourself if you want to accept or refuse cookies. Most of the web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can set up your browser in a way that cookies will be blocked. You need to do this for every browser on your device, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone individually. Via the settings shown underneath you can read how to put the settings for most common browsers:
– Mozilla/Firefox
– Safari
– Internet Explorer
– Google Chrome

  1. Which data is collected
    The cookies of third parties that are collected are explained below. The links to the privacy policies of the third parties can be found here as well.

5.1         Google Analytics
When visiting our website(s), Google Analytics records information/data. In this way we are able to retrieve important information about the amount of visitors and which pages are most visited. The cookies used by us are very important to improve the quality of the website. We are not able to see who visits the website(s). It is not possible for Google to identify individual users. More information about Google and/or Google Analytics:

It is not possible for us to change of delete the information collected by Google Analytics, nor to request data regarding a single user.

5.2 Facebook
If you are logged in to Facebook, Facebook may possibly place cookies on your device via our website(s), which are needed for you to like or share posts/messages or to update your status. They will only be placed when you are logged in to Facebook while visiting our website(s). Besides, you need to actually perform an act, such as sharing/linking an article on our website(s). More information about the cookie policy of Facebook.

5.3 Wistia and Vimeo
Our videos are uploaded to and stored at the Wistia and Vimeo website. In order to enable you to watch the videos on your device, we place Wistia and Vimeo cookies on your device. Wistia and Vimeo provide us with more information about the videos, such as viewing figures, etcetera. The privacy policy of Wistia and Vimeo indicates which information is being collected.

More information about the privacy policy of Wistia
More information about the privacy policy of Vimeo

5.4 LinkedIn
We place LinkedIn cookies on your device to make it possible for you to forward articles from our website(s). This only happens when you are logged into your LinkedIn-account at the moment you visit our website(s) and you physically click on the LinkedIn-button.

More information about the cookie policy of LinkedIn

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