The Escape Table

Escape Table: implementing an innovation within a healthcare institution. Will you be a real implementation-champion with your team? Implementing your innovation in a healthcare institution might be a challenge. How can this be done successfully? Discover the 8 do’s of implementation in a healthcare institution during an exciting game, the Escape Table. Together with your team you will play this interactive game. Communication, collaboration and curiosity are of great importance to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks. Hack the secret code within an hour to be an implementation champion!

Practical information

Suitable for: Teams that are about to implement an innovation. People with a passion for renewal and innovation in healthcare. Entrepreneurs willing to implement their innovation within a healthcare institution. To play with: 10 people per table, maximum of 4 tables at the same time (= 40 people). Difficulty level: Challenging but it can be done for sure. Duration: appr. 1,5 hours. Location: at any desired location. Requirements: a room with a maximum of 4 tables and 40 chairs. Language: Dutch and English. Experience the Escape Table ...and become a real implementation-champion with your team. Would you like to receive more information? Please fill out the form and we will contact you.