Curious about the people behind Healthnovum?

Kim Peters MRM


The driving force behind Healthnovum is Kim Peters. In terms of content, Kim is strongly involved in the renewal of healthcare. She gained experience as Head of Communications and Innovation-manager at a large hospital. And she used to be a CEO of a cooperation that accelerates innovations in healthcare and designs transitions within healthcare. As a consultant, she works on a daily basis to help healthcare institutions and / or networks of healthcare institutions with their innovation challenges. This way she took care of the program management for Twente Beter (a better Twente), in which care parties look together for the ‘right care at the right place’ in terms of acute care for the elderly, regular care for the elderly and care for the chronically ill. Besides she is involved in coaching several ‘nursing home of the future’, an initiative of the Dutch Healthcare Insurers. She helps a healthcare institution in implementing a smartglass and a healthcare institution in upscaling the Medeye. From her broad network, she perfectly knows how to bring parties from various interests together in order to solve complex issues and realize innovation within healthcare, with respect for each other’s roles. The common thread in all transitions in which Kim was (and still is) involved is cooperation. Together you’ll get further! Sometimes a fresh look from an outside perspective is very welcome. And that is exactly the reason why she shares her knowledge widely and wants to connect and help healthcare innovators. Therefore, it is Kim’s ambition to let Healthnovum grow into the largest interactive learning network in the field of healthcare innovation. This way Kim helps (healthcare)institutions to realizing renewal and using (healthcare) technology, to make sure that care for clients will stay accessible and safe and staff members keep the space to do their jobs properly. 

Erik Peters


Erik Peters ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Whether it is the website, the interactive Healthnovum learning network with all the tools, the translations or the financial section; everything has to be in perfect order. This way participants are able to gain maximum knowledge. He also sees that healthcare is constantly changing. People are getting older and often have multiple conditions. If the expectation becomes reality, 1 in 4 people should be working in the healthcare sector in the near future. This is not feasible and therefore something has to be done; collaborate. Not trying to reinvent the wheel over and over again, but help each other and above all learn from each other.