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Aipod Dubai

Regularly you hear people talking about the future. Blood tests at your supermarket, robots that determine your life and games that make you move again. The average doctor or nurse listens to these predictions and thinks that these things are far away and of no great concern to them. But what do you think when you hear that you can make a full body health scan before entering your supermarket? Because this could soon become a familiar sight in shopping malls, gyms and clinics in Dubai. Tech firm Bodyo has been chosen by the Dubai Future Foundation to produce the AiPod.

How does the AiPod work?

The AiPod is a health kiosk, which monitors happiness, health, fitness and early detection of serious health conditions (such as chronic heart disease and diabetes). A quick seven-minute AiPod-scan detects a lot of biomarkers to indicate general wellness or upcoming illness. If the user has registered, the data is then passed on to healthcare professionals, who might take further actions or arrange a consult.

Data collection and costs of the AiPod

The collected data will be uploaded to a secure cloud and will never be shared with a third party, without the permission of the user. The costs for each AiPod will be approximately $1200 a month, depending on the rental time. This might seem a lot of money, but the healthcare-costs saved will be much more than this. For users in Dubai it is completely free, financed by their government.

Change of mind-set

The aim is to change the mind-set of both patients and healthcare professionals. The patient doesn’t feel any barrier; it is nothing like a medical process in a hospital for example.  Valuable information will be provided to the healthcare professional without spending any of their valuable time on this. Knowing that this development is already here, it asks something from you, a change of mind-set. Look at these developments as opportunities and investigate where these developments meet your daily processes in healthcare. How can this influence the processes you work on? Does it make it easier for example?

Escalating costs and shortage of nurses

This technology will bring down overall healthcare costs and individuals will become more aware of the urge to take responsibility for their own health by giving access to their personal biometrics. Five nurses are needed to extract the same information produced by a short Bodyo-scan. When the AiPod is used frequently, this will partially solve the major problem of the shortage of nurses in Dubai they predict. To your opinion, what are the advantages of the AiPod development? And are there any disadvantages you can think of? Would you use it? Are you concerned about the safety of your medical data? Anyway, we look forward to your comments.

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