Gyenno Spoon gives people, who are having trouble eating, confidence back.


'I Felt so ashamed to use a bib while eating out, that I just did not go anymore'

How does it work?

The sensors in the spoon detect any movement in your hand. The advanced technology used, provides fast and accurate stabilization of the spoon (or fork, if attached), therefore it sets of 85% of the unwanted tremor from the intended movement of your hand. It gives you back your self-confidence and lets you eat without stress again. It is made from medical grade materials, it is anti-bacterial and ensures a safe eating experience.

The weight is approximately 130 gram, it switches on and off automatically end a full charged battery lasts three meals a day (maximum 180 minutes). An additional replaceable battery might be purchased separately. It may cost people a couple of days to get used to it.


On the mainland of China, it is even possible to use cloud-technology to upload your tremor-status. The cloud system automatically generates algorithm for your hand-tremor habit to improve the performance of the handle. This because different people have different types of tremor, therefore Gyenno uses machine learning technology to make the spoon suitable for different people.


Material: Medical silicone and stainless steel 
Box Size: 23x19x6cm/9x7.4x2.3inch (LxWxH) 
Box input:5.0V, 2.0A, Spoon voltage: 3.7V, Charging limited voltage: 4.2V
Usage Time: 180 minutes (Max)
Smart Battery Storage: 700mAh
Recharge Time: 1.5h 



The costs of the Gyenno spoon complete (including an extra battery, extra spoon and extra fork) are € 206,65 (VAT excluded) and can be ordered at For more information about the manufacturer of the spoon, please visit:


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