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You are terribly busy in your work in healthcare.

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You have to deliver more and more care in less time. And you would like to have more space to work on the care for your patients.
You work so hard, but you experience less and less space to deliver good quality care. You would really like to get back the job satisfaction that you used to have. You would like to add more value to patients, but you just don't know how. You continuously feel the pressure to work even harder. Whatever you try, you notice that there is no space left to work even more efficient.

  • You continuously feel the pressure and you are hardly able to enjoy your work.
  • You feel insecure, because you have to do so many things at the same time.
  • You feel holdback because you cannot deliver the care that you would like to deliver.
  • You are really worried about the future of your job in healthcare.
  • You already came up with many ideas to work more efficient.
  • You ask yourself if working in healthcare is still the right choice.
deliver more and more care in less time

I do believe there are other ways to deal with these issues.

You probably miss the overview and specific steps.

Do you recognise this? Just know that there is a solution, you only have to learn more about improving and renewing healthcare.

Improving or renewing by steps. During my work as an innovation manager in a hospital I saw the struggle of healthcare workers. To help you, I developed the ‘Health Innovation Discovery Course’ in which you will learn in a short period of time how to improve or renew healthcare yourself. I will specify each step so that you exactly know how to create your plan. I successfully use the steps myself.

Kim Peters

  • How you can add more value to your patients than you can at this moment.
  • How it feels to be satisfied with your job in healthcare again.
  • That you are in charge of improving or renewing healthcare instead of your management.
  • That you develop the process in which technology assists you in care giving.
  • How it feels to have more space to provide care.
Imagine How you can add more value to your patients than you can at this moment.

Realise that you are the one who can improve or renew healthcare.
You are the healthcare professional with medical knowledge. You are in contact with your patients. With Healthnovum, Kim Peters has designed ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’.
To help you to:
  • Create value while dealing with political forces.
  • Identify new developments.
  • Get insights in your role.
  • To start improving or renewing healthcare yourself, tools will be provided.
  • Share your 'success' story and learnings.
  • Connect to people with the same focus.
  • Inspire others with your ideas.

If you sign up you:

  • Directly get access to ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’. Though you can start whenever you like. You can even start today!
  • Receive information about the build-up of the course in the introduction module. Everything will be explained to you clearly.
  • Follow the right steps to develop a specific improvement or renewal plan for your working field.
  • Determine your pace in which you develop your plan.
  • Work on your plan at a time and location of your choice.
  • Will experience more space to provide care after realising your plan.
  • Will enjoy your work in healthcare more.
  • Will help your patients even more than you can at this moment.
This is how it works.
This is how it works - Healthnovum

After signing up you will get direct access to the course. You exactly know the steps to follow and will be inspired to work on your ideas to improve or renew healthcare.

Besides, in every module you will take part of a discussion with like-minded healthcare workers that, just like you, want to improve or renew healthcare from the inside out, to experience more space and time to deliver added value to patients.

Note! This course is not for everyone

Please note that this course is only suitable for healthcare workers that are willing to make a positive change in healthcare. Are you willing to think and act different than you did before? And are you willing to invest a little bit of your valuable time? Then I will inspire you and provide you with tools to improve or renew healthcare yourself. You take your role in the needed change in healthcare seriously? And you are willing to use the offered tools to really work on your own plan? You are more than welcome to follow the course. I am sure that you will add more value to your patients soon.


The investment for ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’ of Healthnovum is € 276.- excluding VAT. After succeeding the final test of the course you will receive a certificate of participation, so that you can show others that you successfully attended the course. You will get full access to the tools that will help you to improve or renew healthcare yourself, so that you can add more value to your patients.

If you want to take on the challenge…don’t wait any longer!

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Tessa, nurse

Kim provided me with many tools and encouraged me to use them to realise continuously high quality of care for my patients

“I was frustrated in my daily work as a nurse. In my opinion there was a lack of attention for the quality of care for our patients, due to many changes in a short period of time. We suddenly had to work in self-supporting teams for example. This took some time to get used to. It gave us the opportunity to take our responsibility in delivering good quality care. Every colleague does their utmost, but our collaboration could be improved. This is quite difficult while being so busy. I found Kim on social media. Firstly, she inspired me with her articles that I received by email. And she still does…

After a while Kim made me realise that I am the one who can make a difference in my work. And so, I decided to sign up for The Health Innovation Discovery Course. I started the course with lots of enthusiasm. The course is clear, attractive, understandable and has a logical structure. Kim provided me with many tools and encouraged me to use them. But most important, the course gives me energy to realise continuously high quality of care for my patients. The best compliment I can get in my work is when I see a happy and satisfied patient.”

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

You directly have access to the course after signing up. You can start today if you like. If you don’t like to start right away? No problem, after signing up you control the pace. So you decide when you start.

How long does ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’ take’?

In about 10 weeks you round up the course. But you control the pace, you can work on the course whenever you like. You keep access to all course material. So you can take your time.

Is the course suitable for all healthcare workers?

Yes, this course is suitable for all healthcare workers that are ready take on the challenge to improve or renew healthcare. From the inside out, back to the essence of healthcare. For example, doctors, nurses, general practitioners, assistants and dentists can attend the course. All healthcare workers may join.

I tried to innovate healthcare before but didn’t succeed. Is it meaningful to attend ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’?

If you feel the need for more inspiration, tools and a structured course to help you make your specific plan, ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’ is definitely worth attending. It will help you a step further.

My English is not outstanding will I be able to attend the course?

The English level of the course is as simple as possible as you can read on this page. Assignments in the 'do it yourself version' can be made in your own language. Your contribution to the discussions should be in English.

I’m not sure to make the investment in this course. Can I get a discount?

The price of the course is kept low to make it accessible for as many healthcare workers as possible worldwide. You invest in yourself as a healthcare worker to add even more value to your patients.

Can I repeat the course after I have made my first plan?

You keep full access to 'The Health Innovation Discovery Course'. So, if you have a new idea, the course will help you translating this idea into a concrete plan again.

When I am a healthcare professional in The Netherlands, do I get accreditation points?

For Dutch healthcare professionals The Health Innovation Discovery Course is accredited by:
- ABAN, KNMG GAIA - 8 points (medical specialists, general practitioners, etc.)
- Kwaliteitsregister V&V en Register Zorgprofessionals - 30 points (nurses, etc)
- Verpleegkundig Specialisten Register - 28 points (nurse practitioners, etc.)
- NAPA - 8 points (physician assistants)
- KNGF 22 points (physiotherapists, etc.)
Accreditation for Dutch healthcare workers
Accredited by Health Innovation Discovery Course
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I can’t wait to help you improve healthcare step by step. If you have any questions, let me know!