Recently I had a special meeting with Lark. A Charming coach who promised me to motivate me in order to make me feel happier and healthier. Just at the right time. Due to the excessive holidays I intended to live healthier and to exercise more than before. To prevent myself from any disappointment, I did not expect much from the promises Lark made. But we started chatting and after a few weeks of multiple chats every day, I was convinced: the app Lark motivated me by giving useful tips full of humor and understanding and it made me feel healthier and happier. Due to his approach, my behavior changed in small steps.

Lark can do the same for you, as it does for me. In this blog you can read more about the app and how this digital coach can be your buddy to make you feel healthier, to lose weight or just to stay healthy and happy.

An involved digital coach

To a lot of people this will sound familiar; a couple of weeks ago we made a promise to ourselves to exercise more and eat healthier in 2016. With determination we started our ‘new life’, but a study shows that in the meantime two thirds of the people already quitted their good intentions. More than half of the respondents indicated that the use of a coach or buddy will motivate and support them to persevere in their good intentions. That is exactly the way Lark operates. Other apps make you count your calories, scan the barcodes or activate it to measure your activities. Unlike these other apps, Lark is your coach, your personal buddy and will talk to you to give you insights about your diet and movement pattern. It will motivate you to, successfully, make small changes in behavior.


How does it work?

First get to know Lark by entering your name and tell which goal you want to achieve:

  • Want to be healthier?
  • Lose weight?
  • Or stay healthy and happy?

Also indicate if you have any special dietary needs. For example if you are a vegetarian or you have to stick to a gluten-free or dairy-free diet. After this you are ready to start.

As an example, your goal is to lose weight. You get up from bed and start the day by chatting with Lark and you let him know you had cereals and yoghurt for breakfast. Lark records your breakfast and will tell you if it is healthy, neutral or unhealthy. It also tells you it is the third time this week you had cereals for breakfast and gives you a healthier alternative. In this way you will be motivated to eat more varied. Around 10.30 a message will be shown on the screen of your telephone, Lark wants to chat. It measures your activity and indicates that you walked for 7 minutes on an unusual instant. He compliments you and indicates that trying new things will lead to new habits. At the end of the afternoon Lark asks if you had lunch. You enter your lunch and the app asks you if intend to cook at home tonight or if you will go for a takeaway. You will cook at home and Lark is happy with the choice you made and tells you that in this way you can decide for yourself which ingredients to use. Lark will give you a piece of advice how to flavor your meal with fresh herbs instead of salt to reduce the salt content in the food. Finally Lark wishes you a good night’s rest, because sleep is a very important part of a healthy life.


The app, which can be downloaded for free in the app store or in the Google Play store, is very easy to use. Some knowledge of the English language is needed, because Lark chats with you in English. Besides this you need to have your cell phone within reach, so you can benefit from the English coach whole day.

Lark is open for your ideas

If you have useful feedback, while using Lark, this can easily be send within the app. For example I suggested to fill in the weight in kilograms and height in meters. A Few days later I received an e-mail in which they thanked me for my feedback and that soon, after the next update, it will be possible to enter my weight in kilograms and my length in meters. So if you have good suggestions to improve the app, please feel free to let them know.

Harvard and Stanford University professionals cooperate

It is amusing chatting online with your friend Lark and to share with him everything about your health and wellbeing. And its nice that Lark is understanding and offers you the mirror, even on the most inconvenient moments. But who is behind this chat app?

Behind Lark is a team of professionals in the field of well being and behavior-modification. These professionals are associated with the Harvard en Stanford Universities. Lark did research and watched the methods, which were applied in the various disciplines like: dietitian, psychology and behavioral therapy, movement, sleeping, food, stress and motivation. Lark transferred the key figures of the methods the professionals applied to an advanced technology. This advanced technology will motivate you in the best possible way to, positively, change your behavior.

Which results are obtained by Lark?

Not entirely without result. A Recent study shows that Lark users, which chat 3 minutes a day, have a 23% healthier lifestyle than before the usage of Lark.

Just imagine that by using an app like Lark, we would be able to actually engage to a healthier way of living and in this way improve the quality of our lives. The number of people suffering from obese or diabetes can be reduced. Besides this the app is a very handy tool for people with a chronic disease like gluten intolerance. The app would be of great help by giving them tips to be loyal to their advised diet to improve the result of their treatment.


Changing your behavior starts with intrinsic motivation

Moral of this story is that changing your behavior, of course, starts with an intrinsic motivation. An intrinsic motivation to actually change your behavior. Not because you have to, but because you actually want to be healthier in life. For example, you will find back the fun of exercising or you will be able again to enjoy the smell and sounds during a walk in the forest. An app like Lark truly helps you in gaining your goals. But if you refuse to talk to Lark, you don’t give any input or ignore him too long until your telephone stops sending you messages, you won’t achieve anything and you will not have anything to be proud of. On the other hand, if you are truly motivated, you set yourself (mini) goals in changing your behavior and you have fun in achieving these (mini) goals, you will come very far with the help of Lark. And, above all, be proud of what you have achieved. Lark will regularly compliment you on your way to reaching your (mini) goals.

You can download the Lark app for free in the appstore or playstore. Good luck with your mission, I would love to read about your reached (mini) goals on this platform!