How Amazon is entering healthcare

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'Due to my dementia, I keep forgetting to take my medicine over and over again.’ this gives me an insecure feeling.'

Amazon entering healthcare

Amazon is currently busy building a 12-person health and wellness team within the Alexa division. Alexa is a voice assistant currently used primarily to look things up on the Internet (for example recipes), to set alarms and to control lights at home. But this will change…. care for elderly, care for new mothers and infants and diabetes-management seem to be the first and main goals of this new team. Imagine Alexa to remind you to take your medicine on time or that it keeps track of your doctor’s appointments. It could even log glucose levels or blood pressure levels. And this will only be a few things that will change healthcare….it’s just the beginning. Watch this video and see what Alexa can do for you.

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Yes, there is more. Hospitals have tested the Amazon Echo in the operating room, helping surgeons and nurses to go through all necessary safety checklists. Because of the aging population and shortage of healthcare-workers all over the world, the Amazon Echo could be an addition in every hospital. It can take over some time-consuming tasks of the healthcare-workers in the future.

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