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How Amazon is entering healthcare

‘Because of my dementia, I keep forgetting to take my medicine over and over again.’ this gives me an insecure feeling.’ Amazon is currently busy building a 12-person health and wellness team within the Alexa division to make a change in healthcare.



'I Felt so ashamed to use a bib while eating out, that I just did not go anymore'

All humans have dignity. When getting ill or dealing with a disease people’s dignity is regularly a point of concern. How great full is it to develop a product that gives patients with Parkinson’s disease and a condition known as essential tremor a little bit of their dignity back. 
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Robot takes medicine to the exact place in the body

Can you imagine that in the future it might be possible to get medicine to the exact right place in the body, transported by a 4-millimeter magnetically controlled soft robot?

Noninvasive tattoo-wearable

What a relief, said one of the patients. Noninvasive tattoo measures glucose levels of diabetes patients

‘Due to the terrifying pin-prick, I only test if I feel bad’, is one of the most common reactions of people with diabetes. Many patients do not track their blood glucose as regular as they should. This might belong to the past soon.
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‘My body full with wires, that is how I left the hospital. Everyone was looking at me.’

When someone is having a suspicion of sleep apnea, a referral to sleep center for a sleep test is often advised. A sleep test can be done in the sleep center itself, or you will be decorated with a lot of wires and be sent home. 

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The art of making patients feel comfortable

A lot of patients experience some kind of stress when undergoing a minor or major medical intervention.Interventions at the dentist, hospital, general practitioner or mentally disabled care. Although healthcare workers do their utmost to make patients feel comfortable, it is not their primary task. But the RelaxMaker can.

Confident to go out again, a simple tool gives patient freedom back

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. It is the basis for nearly everything in life. In what we dare to do in life, with whom we live and work together with and in what we use. When getting seriously ill, you may get less confidence in your own body.
Aipod Dubai

All that futuristic healthcare talk, let it go. But what if it happens now?

Regularly you hear people talking about the future. Blood tests at your supermarket, robots that determine your life and games that make you move again. The average doctor or nurse listens to these predictions and thinks that these things are far away and of no great concern to them.
Retrieve your passion in healthcare

How to retrieve your passion in healthcare

Find out how you can improve healthcare for patients. Even when your workload is high and you need to deal with all rules and regulations…

Robot Charlie assists children who suffer from diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a complicated chronic disease, especially for children. They discover difficulties in keeping their blood sugar level stable. Besides food other elements like, movement, hormones and emotions do influence their blood sugar level.
Patient experience

Get inspired by a patient-experience

When working in a healthcare day in day out, everything seems logical; you know your way and you know why it takes place. But from a patient's perspective this might be different. Download a free patient-experience and get to know how you can adapt to this yourself!

How an online coach changes patient's behavior

Recently I had a special meeting with Lark. A charming coach who made me a promise.
A promise to motivate me in order to make me feel happier and healthier. Just at the right time. Due to the excessive holidays…