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Nice to meet you, I am Kim Peters
I remember the moment like it was yesterday: the orthopedist telling my husband and me, out of the blue, that our newborn daughter needed surgery within a couple of weeks. At the same time, I needed urgent surgery in another hospital myself. And to complete the story, my husband needed treatment as well at that time, again in another hospital. I felt completely lost. How was I supposed to deal with this situation? To cut a long story short, I survived. Surviving that’s exactly how it felt.

We visited five hospitals in two years’ time. Time after time we seemed to be the exception to the rule. We noticed hard working healthcare workers, all doing their utmost. Everyone was dealing with the same issues: limited time, many rules and regulations, focus on the specialism, paperwork issues, etc. I experienced healthcare as a patient, as a caring wife and as a concerned mother of a newborn baby and went through a lot of healthcare processes. During this journey I discovered that, even though every healthcare worker did their best, there is so much room for innovation.

Kim Peters adding value to health by innovating
Kim Peters working in healthcare

Innovation that improves healthcare for patients. Besides, innovation is helpful for healthcare workers. It creates more space to provide the needed care.

After my personal experiences in healthcare I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to add value to people’s health by innovating healthcare together with healthcare workers. So, I started working in a hospital in The Netherlands. In my jobs as Head of Communications and Innovation Manager I was involved in many healthcare processes.

We broadcasted live surgeries with interaction via social media to maximize information for patients and students. We organized a day for healthcare workers to get to know all the innovation possibilities, like virtual reality, gamification and smart technology. Healthcare workers together with the companies came up with great ideas to improve healthcare. For example, developing a game to seduce patients to come in action after surgery, with the goal that they would be up and running faster.

During processes I learned the steps how to successfully innovate healthcare. I saw how much value innovation adds for both, patient and healthcare worker.

I found out that healthcare workers have a lot of assumptions when it comes to innovation. I saw that innovative applications can be an enrichment for healthcare and the healthcare-experience by patients. I noticed that healthcare workers came up with great ideas about how to innovate healthcare, but they just didn’t know the right steps to follow to turn these ideas into practical plans.

I successfully helped various healthcare workers, but my time was limited. That is why I developed ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’. With this course I am able to help healthcare workers on a world-wide scale. And I am happy to help you!

Kim Peters Healthnovum
Kim Peters innovating healthcare

By visiting healthcare congresses in Europe and the Middle East and reading about the issues in healthcare, I noticed that we all deal with practically the same issues worldwide. We are all climbing against the same brick wall. So, collaboration is needed to deal with the challenges we face worldwide.

That is why there is a lot of room for discussion in ‘The Health Innovation Discovery Course’ . When contributing in the discussions, you help and inspire other participants to find the right ways to innovate healthcare. It’s the way to find out about each other’s stories, projects, problems, solutions etc. We no longer need to reinvent the wheel on our own, together we can make each other stronger. In this way we will be able to genuinely improve healthcare for our patients.