The art of making patients feel comfortable

‘I don’t go to the dentist anymore, even though I do have severe toothache.’ A lot of patients experience some kind of stress when undergoing a minor or major medical intervention. And not only during the intervention itself. Also, before and after the intervention patients experience stress. Interventions at the dentist, hospital, general practitioner or mentally disabled care. Although healthcare workers do their utmost to make patients feel comfortable, it is not their primary task. But the RelaxMaker can and is useful for both patient and its practitioner.

Before or even during a treatment, patients usually become more stressed or they even get a panic attack. In these circumstances The RelaxMaker can be used as a kind of intervention-instrument to make patients feel more comfortable.

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How does the RelaxMaker work?

Just put on the RelaxMaker like glasses and it will help patients to relax in a natural way, without the need of extra medicine. It is easy to operate and when using the RelaxMaker patients are still able to follow the instructions of their practitioners. The combination of sound and images of nature gives the patient a ‘relaxing’ feeling and lowers the blood-pressure and heartbeat. The nature-images are specifically selected.

How the RelaxMaker is being used

  • During surgery under local anesthesia.
  • In the waiting room, before surgery.
  • At MST-hospital at the recovery-unit.
  • At the dentist, dental hygienist or oral surgeon. 80% of the Dutch population has some kind of anxiety for the dentist, 25% is really scared to go to the dentist and 12% avoids a visit to the dentist.
  • Severely ill children that need frequent blood sampling.
  • To recover from a disturbed day/night rhythm.
  • People who are mentally disabled experience a lot of stress while undertaking normal, daily activities. Such as brushing teeth, bus-transportation or falling asleep.
  • In a hospice.
  • In psychiatry.
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  • 25 patients of the Zuyderland-hospital (nuclear unit): 14 of them indicated they experienced some kind of tension. After the use of the RelaxMaker, 7 patients didn’t feel any tension at all and 2 lost most of their tension.
  • 19-year old mentally disabled person with autism: he had a lot of trouble falling asleep. During the first use he felt relaxed, his heart rate lowered and it felt like meditation to him. After 4 days he was used to the RelaxMaker and it had a significant impact.


There are two kinds of RelaxMakers

  1. RelaxMaker Cinema; modern video-glasses with integrated speakers and a player with special images of nature. Due to the integrated speakers, it has a very good audio experience. Distraction for the patients is significant. € 1.648,- (VAT excluded)
  2. RelaxMaker Compact; light video-glasses, with throwaway speakers (separately connected). € 1.485,- (VAT excluded)

Or you may choose to test the RelaxMaker for two weeks, costs are € 155,- (VAT excluded).

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In which field of healthcare would you use the RelaxMaker? We look forward to your suggestions.