Confident to go out again, a simple tool gives patient freedom back


Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. It is the basis for nearly everything in life. In what we dare to do in life, with whom we live and work together with and in what we use.

When getting seriously ill, you may get less confidence in your own body. Or you even completely lose confidence in your body. After having a heart attack for example. When someone survived the heart attack and recovered from it, he or she can enjoy life again. But this is easier said than done. In practice this seems very difficult for people. Mainly caused by a lack of confidence. But, what if a simple tool gives you your confidence back, you dare to go out and you feel that freedom again…

Make an ECG yourself

With the Livv Mobile it is possible to make an ECG wherever you are; at home or on the road. Simply connect it to your smartphone and you are ready. After the ECG has been made, you may have it analysed by their medical team, which consists of experienced and certified Dutch staff, supported by cardiologists.

Build up a detailed medical profile

It can be very useful for people who had heart problems in the past. Whenever you feel something strange you can directly record an ECG and if you are concerned about the outcome send it to the medical team of Livv. Within no time you know if you need to take further action or not.

Besides, it gives you insights for prevention. Imagine you record an ECG every week, or even every day. After a year you will have a very detailed overview of your heartbeat. This may be useful in the future to detect changes.

Livv is easy to use

The certified device that is used is the Kardia Mobile, which is just as large as your credit card, uses ultrasound to connect with your smartphone and is therefore wireless. No patches on your body are required. Just place two fingers (one of each hand) on the metal plates of the mobile ECG for 30 seconds and your ECG will automatically be send to your smartphone.

Simply order Livv online

You can easily order Livv online, on for example. The device itself costs €175,00. You receive the Mobile ECG and get access to the medical call center for the first 3 months (total of 6 credits to request a consultation). After this period you may choose to continue the service; ‘standard’ €24.90 per month (including 2 credits) or ‘premium’ €34.90 per month (including 4 credits).

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