It all starts with you!

Take the lead in making healthcare better for patients. Discover the chances to improve or renew healthcare with the Health Innovation Discovery Course.

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Healthcare professionals
Healthcare organisation
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Why improving and renewing healthcare?

To be one step ahead of the challenges you will face!

  • People are getting older.
  • Rising amount of people with chronic diseases.
  • Rising costs of healthcare.
  • More complex demand for care.
  • Rising demands for care / prices under pressure.
  • Shortage of healthcare workers.
  • Rising diagnostic and treatment possibilities.
  • Rising quality and volume requirements.
  • Continuously changing rules and regulations.
  • Improving need for registration.
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After following the Health Innovation Discovery Course...

Healthcare workers will:

  • Follow the right steps to develop a specific improvement or renewal plan for their working field.
  • Be inspired with a new way of thinking.
  • Identify new developments.
  • Start improving or renewing healthcare theirselves, tools will be provided.
  • Share their 'success' story and learnings.
  • Connect to people with the same focus.
  • Inspire others with their ideas.
  • Experience more space to provide care after realising their plan.
  • Enjoy their work in healthcare more.
  • Help their patients even more than they can at this moment.

Hello, I am Kim Peters. Let me help you improve or renew healthcare.

From my experience in innovating healthcare I am sure I can help you. 

Experiences of healthcare professionals


Tessa, nurse

Healthnovum provided me with many tools and encouraged me to use them to realise continuously high quality of care for my patients

“I was frustrated in my daily work as a nurse. In my opinion there was a lack of attention for the quality of care for our patients, due to many changes in a short period of time. We suddenly had to work in self-supporting teams for example. This took some time to get used to. It gave us the opportunity to take our responsibility in delivering good quality care. Every colleague does their utmost, but our collaboration could be improved. This is quite difficult while being so busy. I found Healthnovum on social media. Firstly, they inspired me with the articles that I received by email. And they still do…

After a while Healthnovum made me realise that I am the one who can make a difference in my work. And so, I decided to sign up for The Health Innovation Discovery Course. I started the course with lots of enthusiasm. The course is clear, attractive, understandable and has a logical structure. Healthnovum provided me with many tools and encouraged me to use them. But most important, the course gives me energy to realise continuously high quality of care for my patients. The best compliment I can get in my work is when I see a happy and satisfied patient.”

Hans, General Practitioner

I wanted to find out if I am able to work more leaner and more patient friendly by incorporating new technologies like point of care examinations. My most valuable insight is that The Health Innovation Discovery Course gave me ideas about health innovations and taught me how to make a plan and how to implement this plan. The course gave me a good overview about what health and healthcare innovations are and how they can help me in my daily office. I would definitely recommend others to follow the course.

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